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uk property sale guide

As the times have passed, everything has literally gone online. Similarly, the property industry has also followed the trend and many of the property dealing ventures are now going online. All kinds of property can now be bought and sold with different online portals. There are no problems attached to it. If you are a customer, all you have to do is search for property on various platforms that are available, look at the pictures and then decide whether you want to visit or actually go ahead and buy. The case is same for the selling parties which can now sell their properties much quicker online. There are various property websites that can be used to buy property in the UK.

1.    Zoopla

Zoopla is among one of the most popular property websites in the UK. This platform allows you to sell and buy property with relative ease and has turned this business on its head from people living in the GB. They also allow you to put an evaluation price next to any property and then you can compare it to the selling price.


2.    The Modern House

If you are looking to sell a masterpiece of a house that has been very purposefully designed by an architect, is the website for you. This website features some of the quirkiest designs from the entire Great Britain.

3.    Property Cash Buyers

This website has been active since 2008. The website gives users a free property valuation and also makes them a cash offer on their home. Property sellers then have the choice to accept the offer where one of the local agents will visit and complete the paperwork.


4.    Modern State Agent

If you are looking to for creative ways to sell your property, then this website is the best option for you. They have various kinds of ideas on their website that allow you to be inspired and look at all the different possibilities.

5.    The Big Project

Are you an owner of different properties in the Spanish and the UK region? And you want to get rid of a few of those at a good price. Well, the Big Project is definitely a website you want to check out if you are looking to sell a property.

Property selling is not that really difficult. All you have to understand is that different localities have different evaluation prices. So you have to decide your selling price according to the locality as well. Other than that there is no trick to it.

Ways To Raise Finance For A Spanish Property Purchase

Ways To Raise Finance For A Spanish Property Purchase

After spending days on researching for the right property you have finally found some property you actually want to buy. You are hell bent on purchasing this property but are facing a slight problem that you cannot afford to pay the selling price in full. All you can do is pay in some quantity and look for getting the remaining finance from some other source. So how do you go about raising finance for the Spanish property you are looking to buy? Do you take a loan or get a mortgage from the bank? Getting a mortgage in Spain, in recent times, has been made easy as the recent property boom has forced the banks to review their lending policies. However, what are the different aspects of getting the finance you need to buy the property you desire?

It is very easy to get a mortgage from a local Spanish bank. All the bank requires that you are able to show that you will fulfill your obligations. The mortgage can be taken out for 30 years and has to be paid back along with the interest by the retirement. But before you take a mortgage you have to clearly understand the conditions, the additional percentage you will have to pay back and how much initial deposit will be required.

When you are applying for a mortgage in Spain, you will be asked to reveal the following details. First, they would like to know the amount you want to borrow. The second thing they would like to know is the amount of time you need to pay it back. How much are you earning annually and how much of this annual income you are spending on any other loans or mortgages. There are also conditions in place if you want to cancel your mortgage and pay out early, however, there are often charges involved with that as well. But nowadays with low-interest rates, getting a mortgage has been made very easy. It has also been observed that the currency exchange rate is very helpful and the Spanish property market has boomed because of these changes. Now you are able to afford the property you want and like with relative ease and do not have to worry about the financial troubles.

The other way to raise finance for your property purchase in Spain is to mortgage any other property you might have. You have equity in that property and that can be used to get a mortgage on that.

But before you go about buying any property in the Spanish region. You have to worry about whether you are paying the right price for that property. Or in case you want to sell your property, whether you are getting the right price or not. Well, there is no need to worry as our website offers the option to online valuate any property and let you know the real worth. The worth is analyzed based on the type of property, house and the location.